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Each of our products is hand-made from traditional Japanese kimono fabric by artisans, many of whom are mothers, in the Tohoku region (North-Eastern Japan). They wash, pattern, cut, tailor, and sew with great care and precision.

No two items are alike. Browse our store and discover a one-and-only Samurai ALOHA for yourself!

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What is Samurai ALOHA?

Samurai ALOHA produces modern and original products such as Hawaiian shirts (aloha shirts) using traditional Japanese kimono fabric.

The texture and design of each kimono are entirely unique. Each piece is carefully crafted one-by-one by artisans in the Tohoku region (North-Eastern Japan), many of whom are mothers.

Our mission is to take beautiful kimonos that have been lying unworn and give them a new life as stylish and distinctive items for modern living.

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Wear Japanese tradition with modern styles.

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