Zoom Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379
Zoom Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379
Zoom Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379
Zoom Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379
Zoom Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379
Zoom Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379
Zoom Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379
Zoom Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379

Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379

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Samurai Aloha Shirt
• Size: L
• Fabric: Vintage Wool kimono
• Buttons: Bamboo
• Item No: 3223379

Take your spring and summer outfits to a whole new level with this one-of-a-kind unisex aloha shirt. Like all of our shirts, this one was carefully cut, washed, and sewn by hand in Northeastern Japan.

This artisan-made garment perfectly combines Japanese attention to detail and the Hawaiian spirit of freedom, featuring vintage polyester kimono fabric and bamboo buttons.

The back's sides and center use fold-over stitching, making it an authentic high-class aloha shirt. It can be worn alone with the front buttons fastened or lightly woven over a tee shirt. 

  • This product is made from a genuine vintage kimono.
  • After dismantling the kimono, we wash the fabric carefully, but there may be some fading, stains, and fraying due to its age.
  • Although our artisans tailor each shirt to a specific size, each piece of material is different, and the word is done by hand. Therefore, the size of the finished product may vary slightly.
  • We recommend dry cleaning.
  • The kimono fabric is delicate, so be sure to instruct the cleaning shop to handle it with care.
  • When ironing, be sure to use a low-temperature setting and use a cloth between the iron and your shirt to protect it.

      Samurai Aloha Wool L #3223379



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